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..and find the perfect way to compliment your stay with us.

We strive to not only provide a unique place for your holiday, but to also make you unwind, relax and recharge. 

Pressure Point Massage

Holistic Massage

"Fall in love with taking care of yourself."

Holistic Massage Therapy is a healing treatment which works on the physical, mental and emotional aspect of the individual. The massage can be strong or gentle, depending on the person's needs. For a deeper relaxation state, sound healing can be included in the treatment.

60 minutes | € 69,00

90 minutes | € 90,00

120 minutes | € 115,00

Giancarlo, our massage therapist, will be happy to discuss your individual needs. Kindly make sure you contact us approximately one week before your stay with us to schedule an appointment.

Thank you very much.

Frau macht Yoga entspannt, kraftvoll, Balance, Üben, Fitness, dunkler Hintergrund, Lichtei


"It is not about being good at something.

It is about being good to yourself."


Having had a frequent yoga practice for the past 8 years, Verena herself experiences the positive benefits of yoga on a daily basis. A healthy and flexible body, balance, serenity and a positive attitude towards life are just some of the many changes she can list.

We are happy to offer weekly yoga sessions on our roof terrace. Classes will be held up to three times a week, depending on the demand, and are open for all in-house guests. The minimum number of participants for the group session is 3 people and the price is:

€ 12,00 per person 60 minutes

If you wish to have an individual yoga class where we can focus only on your needs, we can schedule an appointment. Therefore please send us a message. The price for a one-on-one class is: 

€ 50,00 per person 60 minutes

Frau macht Yoga entspannt, kraftvoll, Balance, Üben, Fitness, dunkler Hintergrund, Lichtei
jfy-250 Kopie.JPG
jfy-250 Kopie.JPG


"Sound will be the medicine of the future."

(Edgar Cayce)

Calm your mind, relax your body and let go of all your sorrows - you will gently drift away while different instruments are being played.


Complimented by a small meditation, a sound bath can guide you to this place within where you find calmness and peace. 

60 minutes | € 69,00

(can be booked individually or split by two people)


Chapel 5 SPA

Our brand-new spa area offers a heated indoor pool with countercurrent, a jacuzzi, an infrared sauna and a saltroom.

The opening hours are daily from 8am - 8pm.

In case you wish to book a different treatment to the ones we offer, we can recommend the following places:

Sanya Eco Spa & Yoga Hub (10min by walk)

Jordy Massage & Beauty (5min by walk)

To avoid any disappointment, we recommend to book your treatment in advance.

Chapel 5 Suites Naxxar jacuzzi 1.jpg
Picnic Basket
jfy-250 Kopie.JPG
Bagel Sandwich

Packed lunch

"Keep calm and picnic on"


Enjoy a small hike, surrounded by breathtaking views and when you feel like resting, just stretch your legs on a picnic blanket and enjoy some yummy snacks. The best about it: leave the preparation in our hands! 

We provide you with a picnic blanket as well as food and drinks.

Just send us a message and we are happy to plan your packed lunch with you.

price starting from | € 12

Prices vary as you can choose from different options

(vegetarian, vegan, with alcohol or without, etc.)

Cake Service
Head Massage

Cake Service

"A party without cake is just a meeting…"

Are you celebrating a birthday or special occasion while staying with us? To surprise your loved ones, we offer a cake service. You can choose from the following cakes and we will have it prepared for you on the requested date:

Snickers Cake

Banoffee Cake

Bounty Cake

Baci Cake

Diabetic friendly vanilla pistachio cake

Cherry-Choc Coconut Cake

Apple Pie Cake

Vanilla Toffee Choc Cake

Variety Whole Cake

price starting from | € 40,00

You can have your cake decorated with edible lettering, a cake topper or a flower topper.

Simply message us for more information.


Book your appointment

"Treat yourself like someone you love."

We are happy that you are about to treat yourself to one of our holistic services. We are trying our best to accommodate sessions on short notice, however to avoid disappointment, we recommend you book your appointment beforehand. 

Please use the contact form below or send us an email and tell us, what would be your prefered time and date.

Thank you very much for your trust in us.

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